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at::native::detail::CuFFTParamsLRUCache Class Reference

Public Types

using kv_t = typename std::pair< CuFFTParams, CuFFTConfig >
using map_t = typename std::unordered_map< std::reference_wrapper< CuFFTParams >, typename std::list< kv_t >::iterator, ParamsHash< CuFFTParams >, ParamsEqual< CuFFTParams >>
using map_kkv_iter_t = typename map_t::iterator

Public Member Functions

 CuFFTParamsLRUCache (int64_t max_size)
template<typename K , class... VArgs>
const CuFFTConfigtry_emplace_value (K &&key, VArgs &&...value_args)
void clear ()
void resize (int64_t new_size)
size_t size () const
size_t max_size () const noexcept

Detailed Description

Definition at line 360 of file CuFFTPlanCache.h.

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