Caffe2 - C++ API
A deep learning, cross platform ML framework
Public Member Functions
caffe2::GLTensor< T > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

template<typename TensorType >
void ResizeLike (TensorType &X)
template<typename... Ts>
void Resize (Ts...dim_source)
void lazy_allocate (const Blob *b, bool allocate_tensor, bool try_to_copy_from_cpu) const
void allocate () const
void fillGLTensor (const Blob *b) const
const int32_t ndim () const
vector< TIndex > dims () const
const int32_t dim32 (const int index) const
const int32_t size () const
arm_compute::GCTensor * get_underlying () const
T * map () const
void unmap () const
void sync () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class caffe2::GLTensor< T >

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