Caffe2 - C++ API
A deep learning, cross platform ML framework
Static Public Member Functions
caffe2::MaxPool< T > Class Template Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static float initialize ()
static void process (const int x_col, const int y_col, ConstEigenMatrixMap< float > &x_mat, EigenMatrixMap< float > &y_mat)
static void process (const T &x_data, T &y_data)
static void finalize (const int, T &)
static void finalize (const int, const int, EigenMatrixMap< float > &)
static bool runSpecialized (int N, int C, int inputH, int inputW, int outputH, int outputW, int kH, int kW, int strideH, int strideW, int padT, int padL, int padB, int padR, int dilationH, int dilationW, const float *input, float *output)

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class caffe2::MaxPool< T >

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