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setup.cmake_build Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def initialize_options (self)
def finalize_options (self)
def run (self)
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def initialize_options (self)
def finalize_options (self)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

list user_options
bool built = False
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list user_options = []

Detailed Description

Compiles everything when `python build` is run using cmake.

Custom args can be passed to cmake by specifying the `CMAKE_ARGS`
environment variable. E.g. to build without cuda support run:
    `CMAKE_ARGS=-DUSE_CUDA=Off python build`

The number of CPUs used by `make` can be specified by passing `-j<ncpus>`
to ` build`.  By default all CPUs are used.

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Member Data Documentation

list setup.cmake_build.user_options
Initial value:
1 = [
2  (str('jobs='), str('j'), str('Specifies the number of jobs to use with make'))
3  ]

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