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convnet_benchmarks Namespace Reference

Module caffe2.experiments.python.convnet_benchmarks. More...


def MLP (order)
def AlexNet (order)
def OverFeat (order)
def VGGA (order)
def net_DAG_Builder (model)
def Inception (order)
def AddInput (model, batch_size, db, db_type)
def AddParameterUpdate (model)
def Benchmark (model_gen, arg)
def GetArgumentParser ()
def MLP (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)
def ResNet50 (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)
def AlexNet (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)
def OverFeat (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)
def VGGA (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)
def Inception (order, cudnn_ws, mkl)


 args = GetArgumentParser().parse_args()
dictionary model_map

Detailed Description

Module caffe2.experiments.python.convnet_benchmarks.

Module caffe2.python.convnet_benchmarks.

Function Documentation

def convnet_benchmarks.AddInput (   model,
Adds the data input part.

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def convnet_benchmarks.AddParameterUpdate (   model)
Simple plain SGD update -- not tuned to actually train the models 

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Variable Documentation

dictionary convnet_benchmarks.model_map
Initial value:
1 = {
2  'AlexNet': AlexNet,
3  'OverFeat': OverFeat,
4  'VGGA': VGGA,
5  'Inception': Inception,
6  'MLP': MLP,
7  }

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