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Data Fields
THFileVTable Struct Reference

Data Fields

int(* isOpened )(THFile *self)
ssize_t(* readByte )(THFile *self, uint8_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readChar )(THFile *self, int8_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readShort )(THFile *self, int16_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readInt )(THFile *self, int32_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readLong )(THFile *self, int64_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readFloat )(THFile *self, float *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readDouble )(THFile *self, double *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readHalf )(THFile *self, THHalf *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* readString )(THFile *self, const char *format, char **str_)
ssize_t(* writeByte )(THFile *self, uint8_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeChar )(THFile *self, int8_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeShort )(THFile *self, int16_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeInt )(THFile *self, int32_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeLong )(THFile *self, int64_t *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeFloat )(THFile *self, float *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeDouble )(THFile *self, double *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeHalf )(THFile *self, THHalf *data, ssize_t n)
ssize_t(* writeString )(THFile *self, const char *str, ssize_t size)
void(* synchronize )(THFile *self)
void(* seek )(THFile *self, ssize_t position)
void(* seekEnd )(THFile *self)
ssize_t(* position )(THFile *self)
void(* close )(THFile *self)
void(* free )(THFile *self)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file THFilePrivate.h.

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