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tools.clang_format Namespace Reference


def parse_args ()
def get_whitelisted_files ()
def get_changed_files (rev)
def get_diffs (files)
def main ()



Detailed Description

A script that runs clang-format on changes detected via git. It will
report if running clang-format generated any changes.

In CI, the script considers it a failure if running clang-format makes a change.
In the pre-commit hook, the user is prompted to apply any clang-format changes.
Running tools/ manually with no arguments should replicate the pre-commit hook behavior.

Only files that are in CLANG_FORMAT_WHITELIST are checked.

Function Documentation

def tools.clang_format.get_changed_files (   rev)
Get all changed files between the working tree and `rev`

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def tools.clang_format.get_diffs (   files)
Run clang-format on all `files` and report if it changed anything.
Returns a mapping of filename => diff generator

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def tools.clang_format.get_whitelisted_files ( )
Parse CLANG_FORMAT_WHITELIST and resolve all directories.
Returns the set of whitelist cpp source files.

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