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tools.clang_tidy Namespace Reference


def run_shell_command (arguments)
def split_negative_from_positive_patterns (patterns)
def get_file_patterns (globs, regexes)
def filter_files (files, file_patterns)
def get_changed_files (revision, paths)
def get_all_files (paths)
def get_changed_lines (revision, filename)
def run_shell_commands_in_parallel (commands)
def run_clang_tidy (options, line_filters, files)
def parse_options ()
def main ()



Detailed Description

A driver script to run clang-tidy on changes detected via git.

By default, clang-tidy runs on all files you point it at. This means that even
if you changed only parts of that file, you will get warnings for the whole
file. This script has the ability to ask git for the exact lines that have
changed since a particular git revision, and makes clang-tidy only lint those.
This makes it much less overhead to integrate in CI and much more relevant to
developers. This git-enabled mode is optional, and full scans of a directory
tree are also possible. In both cases, the script allows filtering files via
glob or regular expressions.

Function Documentation

def tools.clang_tidy.filter_files (   files,
Returns all files that match any of the patterns.

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def tools.clang_tidy.get_all_files (   paths)
Returns all files that are tracked by git in the given paths.

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def tools.clang_tidy.get_changed_files (   revision,
Runs git diff to get the paths of all changed files.

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def tools.clang_tidy.get_changed_lines (   revision,
Runs git diff to get the line ranges of all file changes.

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def tools.clang_tidy.get_file_patterns (   globs,
Returns a list of compiled regex objects from globs and regex pattern strings.

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def tools.clang_tidy.parse_options ( )
Parses the command line options.

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def tools.clang_tidy.run_clang_tidy (   options,
Executes the actual clang-tidy command in the shell.

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def tools.clang_tidy.run_shell_command (   arguments)
Executes a shell command.

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def tools.clang_tidy.run_shell_commands_in_parallel (   commands)
runs all the commands in parallel with ninja, commands is a List[List[str]]

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def tools.clang_tidy.split_negative_from_positive_patterns (   patterns)
Separates negative patterns (that start with a dash) from positive patterns

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