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tools.jit.gen_jit_dispatch Namespace Reference


def optional_type_of (arg, typ)
def jit_type_of (arg)
def from_ivalue (arg, value)
def is_jit_arg (i, arg)
def is_jit_op (decl)
def is_tensor_arg (arg)
def is_sized_intlist_arg (arg)
def base_name (decl)
def is_view (decl)
def is_out_variant (decl)
def argument_order (decl)
def gen_jit_dispatch (declarations, out, template_path)
def annotate_op (decl)
def is_kwarg_only (a)
def match_signature (decl, constructed_string, should_match_schema)
def signature (decl, should_match_schema=True)
def main ()



Detailed Description

To run this file by hand from the root of the PyTorch
repository, run:

python -m tools.jit.gen_jit_dispatch \
   build/aten/src/ATen/Declarations.yaml \

Where $OUTPUT_DIR is where you would like the files to be
generated.  In the full build system, OUTPUT_DIR is

Function Documentation

def tools.jit.gen_jit_dispatch.is_sized_intlist_arg (   arg)
Returns True for arguments declared as IntArrayRef[k], but False for IntArrayRef.

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