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torch._jit_internal Namespace Reference


class  BroadcastingListCls
class  DictCls
class  DictInstance
class  ListCls
class  ListInstance
class  TupleCls
class  TupleInstance


def createResolutionCallback (frames_up=0)
def weak_script (fn, _frames_up=0)
def weak_module (cls)
def weak_script_method (fn)
def boolean_dispatch (arg_name, arg_index, default, if_true, if_false, module_name, func_name)
def ignore (fn)
def is_tuple (ann)
def is_list (ann)
def is_dict (ann)



Detailed Description

The weak_script annotation needs to be here instead of inside torch/jit/ so it
can be used in other places in torch/ (namely torch.nn) without running into
circular dependency problems

Function Documentation

def torch._jit_internal.boolean_dispatch (   arg_name,
Dispatches to either of 2 weak script functions based on a boolean argument.
In TorchScript, the boolean argument must be constant so that the correct
function to use can be determined at compile time.

Definition at line 114 of file

def torch._jit_internal.createResolutionCallback (   frames_up = 0)
Creates a function which, given a string variable name,
returns the value of the variable in the scope of the caller of
the function which called createResolutionCallback (by default).

This is used to enable access in-scope Python variables inside
TorchScript fragments.

frames_up is number of additional frames to go up on the stack.
The default value is 0, which correspond to the frame of the caller
of createResolutionCallback. Also for example, if frames_up is set
to 1, then the frame of the caller's caller of createResolutionCallback
will be taken.

For example, the following program prints 2::

    def bar():
        cb = createResolutionCallback(1)

    def baz():
        foo = 2


Definition at line 35 of file

def torch._jit_internal.weak_script (   fn,
  _frames_up = 0 
Marks a function as a weak script function. When used in a script function
or ScriptModule, the weak script function will be lazily compiled and
inlined in the graph. When not used in a script function, the weak script
annotation has no effect.

Definition at line 84 of file