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c10::hip::HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA Class Reference

Public Types

enum  Unchecked { UNCHECKED }

Public Member Functions

 HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA (Stream stream)
 HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA (Unchecked, Stream stream)
 HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA (HIPStream stream)
bool operator== (const HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA &other) const noexcept
bool operator!= (const HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA &other) const noexcept
 operator hipStream_t () const
 operator Stream () const
DeviceIndex device_index () const
Device device () const
StreamId id () const
bool query () const
void synchronize () const
int priority () const
hipStream_t stream () const
Stream unwrap () const
uint64_t pack () const noexcept
HIPStream hip_stream () const

Static Public Member Functions

static HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA unpack (uint64_t bits)
static std::tuple< int, int > priority_range ()

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file HIPStreamMasqueradingAsCUDA.h.

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