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nom::Subgraph< T, U > Class Template Reference

Effectively a constant reference to a graph. More...

#include <Graph.h>

Public Types

using NodeRef = typename Graph< T, U... >::NodeRef
using EdgeRef = typename Graph< T, U... >::EdgeRef

Public Member Functions

void addNode (NodeRef n)
bool hasNode (NodeRef n) const
void removeNode (NodeRef n)
void addEdge (EdgeRef e)
bool hasEdge (EdgeRef e) const
void removeEdge (EdgeRef e)
const std::unordered_set< NodeRef > & getNodes () const
size_t getNodesCount () const
const std::unordered_set< EdgeRef > & getEdges () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename... U>
class nom::Subgraph< T, U >

Effectively a constant reference to a graph.

A Subgraph could actually point to an entire Graph.

Subgraphs can only contain references to nodes/edges in a Graph. They are technically mutable, but this should be viewed as a construction helper rather than a fact to be exploited. There are no deleters, for example.

Definition at line 156 of file Graph.h.

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