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nom::matcher::SubgraphMatchResult< GraphType > Class Template Reference

Public Types

using MatchNodeMap = std::unordered_map< typename MatchGraph< GraphType >::NodeRef, typename GraphType::NodeRef >

Public Member Functions

bool isMatch () const
std::string getDebugMessage () const
std::shared_ptr< typename GraphType::SubgraphType > getMatchedSubgraph () const
std::shared_ptr< MatchNodeMap > getMatchNodeMap () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SubgraphMatchResult< GraphType > notMatched (const std::string &debugMessage)
static SubgraphMatchResult< GraphType > notMatched ()
static SubgraphMatchResult< GraphType > matched (bool ownSubgraph=false)

Detailed Description

template<typename GraphType>
class nom::matcher::SubgraphMatchResult< GraphType >

Definition at line 97 of file SubgraphMatcher.h.

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