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nom::repr::While Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for nom::repr::While:
nom::repr::NeuralNetOperator nom::repr::Instruction nom::repr::Value

Public Member Functions

- Public Member Functions inherited from nom::repr::NeuralNetOperator
 NeuralNetOperator (NNKind K, Opcode I, NNLayout L)
 NeuralNetOperator (NNKind K, Opcode I)
 NeuralNetOperator (NNKind K, NNLayout L)
 NeuralNetOperator (NNKind K)
NNKind getKind () const
void setLayout (NNLayout L)
NNLayout getLayout () const
void setAnnotation (std::unique_ptr< Annotation > extraAnnotation)
const AnnotationgetAnnotation () const
AnnotationgetMutableAnnotation ()
const std::string getName () const
bool checkInputsAndOutputs (std::vector< const NeuralNetData * > inputs, std::vector< const NeuralNetData * > outputs)
 Validate the inputs and outputs to this operator. More...
 NeuralNetOperator (const NeuralNetOperator &)=delete
NeuralNetOperatoroperator= (NeuralNetOperator &)=delete
- Public Member Functions inherited from nom::repr::Instruction
 Instruction (Opcode op)
Opcode getOpcode () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from nom::repr::Value
 Value (ValueKind K)
ValueKind getKind () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from nom::repr::NeuralNetOperator
enum  NNKind { Undefined, GenericOperator, NNPhi, While }
 Discriminator for LLVM-style RTTI (isa<>)
enum  NNLayout { Undefined, NCHW, NHWC }
 An optional tensor-type specifier.
- Public Types inherited from nom::repr::Instruction
enum  Opcode {
  Generic, TerminatorStart, Branch, Return,
  TerminatorEnd, Phi
 All the different types of execution.
- Public Types inherited from nom::repr::Value
enum  ValueKind { Value, Instruction, Data }
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from nom::repr::Instruction
static bool classof (const Value *V)

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Definition at line 211 of file NeuralNet.h.

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