Caffe2 - C++ API
A deep learning, cross platform ML framework
17 #pragma once
19 #include "caffe2/core/common.h"
21 namespace caffe2 {
55 template <typename IndexType, typename InType, typename OutType>
57  const TIndex block_size,
58  const TIndex output_size,
59  const TIndex index_size,
60  const TIndex data_size,
61  const InType* input,
62  const IndexType* indices,
63  const int* lengths,
64  const float* weights, // optional, can be null for non-weighted sum
65  bool normalize_by_lengths,
66  OutType* out);
67 } // namespace caffe2
Copyright (c) 2016-present, Facebook, Inc.
void Fused8BitRowwiseEmbeddingLookup(const TIndex block_size, const TIndex output_size, const TIndex index_size, const TIndex data_size, const InType *input, const IndexType *indices, const int *lengths, const float *weights, bool normalize_by_lengths, OutType *out)
Embedding lookup with reduction.