Caffe2 - C++ API
A deep learning, cross platform ML framework
1 #include "caffe2/operators/fused_rowwise_8bit_conversion_ops.h"
2 #include "caffe2/core/registry.h"
4 namespace caffe2 {
6  FloatToFused8BitRowwiseQuantized,
7  FloatToFused8BitRowwiseQuantizedOp<CPUContext>);
8 OPERATOR_SCHEMA(FloatToFused8BitRowwiseQuantized)
9  .NumInputs(1)
10  .NumOutputs(1)
11  .SetDoc(R"DOC(
12 Applies 8-bit row-wise quantization by determining the range
13 (maximum - minimum) and offset (minimum value) of each row in the input
14 matrix, and then scaling each element to an 8-bit number between 0 and
15 255. To later de-quantize values, the scale (range / 255) and offset
16 (bias) are stored alongside the data. More precisely, the first 4 bytes
17 of each row in the output matrix are a 32-bit float storing the scale,
18 the next 4 bytes store the bias as a 32-bit float, and all remaining
19 bytes in the row encode single quantized values.)
20 )DOC")
21  .Input(0, "input", "Float32 input data")
22  .Output(0, "output", "Fused scale, bias and quantized data");
23 NO_GRADIENT(FloatToFused8BitRowwiseQuantized);
26  Fused8BitRowwiseQuantizedToFloat,
27  Fused8BitRowwiseQuantizedToFloatOp<CPUContext>);
28 OPERATOR_SCHEMA(Fused8BitRowwiseQuantizedToFloat)
29  .NumInputs(1)
30  .NumOutputs(1)
31  .SetDoc(R"DOC(
32 De-quantizes the result of the
33 FloatToFused8BitRowwiseQuantized operator. The input is expected to
34 encode the scale as a 32-bit float in the second to the last 4 bytes of each
35 row, followed by the bias as a 32-bit float in the next 4 bytes, and the
36 quantized values in the preceding bytes of the row. The output is a
37 matrix containing only the values, but de-quantized. De-quantization is
38 performed by multiplying each value by its row's scale and bias
39 parameters. The de-quantized values will thus not be exactly equal to
40 the original, un-quantized floating point values.
41 )DOC")
42  .Input(
43  0,
44  "scale_bias_quantized_input",
45  "Fused scale, bias and quantized data")
46  .Output(0, "float_input", "Float32 data");
47 NO_GRADIENT(Fused8BitRowwiseQuantizedToFloat);
48 } // namespace caffe2
A global dictionary that holds information about what Caffe2 modules have been loaded in the current ...