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Data Fields
DLTensor Struct Reference

Plain C Tensor object, does not manage memory. More...

#include <dlpack.h>

Data Fields

void * data
 The opaque data pointer points to the allocated data. This will be CUDA device pointer or cl_mem handle in OpenCL. This pointer is always aligns to 256 bytes as in CUDA.
DLContext ctx
 The device context of the tensor.
int ndim
 Number of dimensions.
DLDataType dtype
 The data type of the pointer.
int64_t * shape
 The shape of the tensor.
int64_t * strides
 strides of the tensor, can be NULL, indicating tensor is compact.
uint64_t byte_offset
 The offset in bytes to the beginning pointer to data.

Detailed Description

Plain C Tensor object, does not manage memory.

Definition at line 94 of file dlpack.h.

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