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at::cuda::CUDAEvent Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 CUDAEvent (unsigned int flags=DEFAULT_FLAGS)
 CUDAEvent (DeviceIndex device_index, const cudaIpcEventHandle_t *handle)
 CUDAEvent (const CUDAEvent &)=delete
CUDAEventoperator= (const CUDAEvent &)=delete
 CUDAEvent (CUDAEvent &&other)
CUDAEventoperator= (CUDAEvent &&other)
 operator cudaEvent_t () const
optional< at::Devicedevice () const
bool isCreated () const
DeviceIndex device_index () const
cudaEvent_t event () const
bool query () const
void record ()
void recordOnce (const CUDAStream &stream)
void record (const CUDAStream &stream)
void block (const CUDAStream &stream)
float elapsed_time (const CUDAEvent &other) const
void synchronize () const
void ipc_handle (cudaIpcEventHandle_t *handle)

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr unsigned int DEFAULT_FLAGS = cudaEventDisableTiming


bool operator< (const CUDAEvent &left, const CUDAEvent &right)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file CUDAEvent.h.

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