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c10::Type Struct Referenceabstract
Inheritance diagram for c10::Type:
at::TypeExtendedInterface c10::BoolType c10::ClassType c10::DeviceObjType c10::DictType c10::GeneratorType c10::NoneType c10::NumberType c10::SingleElementType< K, T > c10::StringType c10::TensorType c10::TupleType c10::VarType c10::SingleElementType< TypeKind::FutureType, FutureType > c10::SingleElementType< TypeKind::ListType, ListType > c10::SingleElementType< TypeKind::OptionalType, OptionalType >

Public Member Functions

virtual bool operator== (const Type &rhs) const =0
virtual bool isSubtypeOf (const TypePtr rhs) const
virtual bool isSubclass (const TypeKind kind) const =0
virtual std::string str () const =0
virtual std::string python_str () const
TypeKind kind () const
virtual bool requires_grad () const
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< Tcast ()
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< const Tcast () const
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< Texpect ()
template<typename T >
std::shared_ptr< const Texpect () const
virtual bool hasFreeVariables () const
virtual at::ArrayRef< TypePtr > containedTypes () const
TypePtr withContained (std::vector< TypePtr > contained_types)
virtual TypePtr createWithContained (std::vector< TypePtr > contained_types) const

Protected Member Functions

 Type (TypeKind kind)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 65 of file jit_type.h.

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