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torch::FunctionParameter Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 FunctionParameter (const std::string &fmt, bool keyword_only)
bool check (PyObject *obj)
void set_default_str (const std::string &str)
std::string type_name () const

Data Fields

ParameterType type_
bool optional
bool allow_none
bool keyword_only
bool allow_numbers_as_tensors = false
int size
std::string name
PyObject * python_name
at::Scalar default_scalar
std::vector< int64_t > default_intlist
union {
   bool   default_bool
   int64_t   default_int
   double   default_double
   at::ScalarType   default_scalartype
   THPLayout *   default_layout

Detailed Description

Definition at line 163 of file python_arg_parser.h.

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