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torch::data::detail::ValidIterator< Batch > Struct Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for torch::data::detail::ValidIterator< Batch >:
torch::data::detail::IteratorImpl< Batch >

Public Types

using BatchProducer = std::function< optional< Batch >()>

Public Member Functions

 ValidIterator (BatchProducer next_batch)
void next () override
 Fetches the next batch.
Batch & get () override
 Returns the current batch. More...
bool operator== (const IteratorImpl< Batch > &other) const override
 Does double dispatch.
bool operator== (const SentinelIterator< Batch > &) const override
 A ValidIterator is equal to the SentinelIterator iff. More...
bool operator== (const ValidIterator< Batch > &other) const override
 Returns true if the memory address of other equals that of this.
void lazy_initialize () const
 Gets the very first batch if it has not yet been fetched.

Data Fields

BatchProducer next_batch_
optional< Batch > batch_
bool initialized_ = false

Detailed Description

template<typename Batch>
struct torch::data::detail::ValidIterator< Batch >

Definition at line 26 of file iterator.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename Batch>
Batch& torch::data::detail::ValidIterator< Batch >::get ( )

Returns the current batch.

The precondition for this operation to not throw an exception is that it has been compared to the SentinelIterator and did not compare equal.

Implements torch::data::detail::IteratorImpl< Batch >.

Definition at line 62 of file iterator.h.

template<typename Batch>
bool torch::data::detail::ValidIterator< Batch >::operator== ( const SentinelIterator< Batch > &  ) const

A ValidIterator is equal to the SentinelIterator iff.

the ValidIterator has reached the end of the dataloader.

Implements torch::data::detail::IteratorImpl< Batch >.

Definition at line 78 of file iterator.h.

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