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Public Member Functions
torch::jit::NamedValue Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 NamedValue (const SourceRange &loc, const std::string &name, Value *value)
 NamedValue (const SourceRange &loc, Value *value)
 NamedValue (Value *value)
 NamedValue (const std::string &name, Value *value)
 NamedValue (IValue value)
 NamedValue (const std::string &name, IValue value)
template<typename T , typename = enable_if_t< (!std::is_same<decay_t<T>, NamedValue>::value && !std::is_same<decay_t<T>, Value*>::value && !std::is_same<decay_t<T>, IValue>::value)>>
 NamedValue (T &&t)
template<typename T , typename = enable_if_t< (!std::is_same<decay_t<T>, Value*>::value && !std::is_same<decay_t<T>, IValue>::value)>>
 NamedValue (const std::string &name, T &&t)
SourceRange locOr (const SourceRange &backup_location) const
Valuevalue (Graph &g) const
const std::string & name () const
const SourceRangeloc () const

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