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torch::jit::SymbolicVariable Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SymbolicVariable (Value *v)
 operator Value * () const
const std::vector< int64_t > & sizes () const
void addAsOutput () const
SymbolicVariable operator* (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator/ (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator* (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator> (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator> (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator< (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator< (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator>= (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator>= (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator<= (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator<= (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator== (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator!= (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator+ (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator+ (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator- () const
SymbolicVariable operator- (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator/ (at::Scalar rhs) const
SymbolicVariable operator% (at::Scalar rhs) const
Valuesize () const
SymbolicVariable gradSumToSize (Value *size) const
SymbolicVariable expand (Value *size) const
SymbolicVariable isnan () const
SymbolicVariable mm (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable t () const
SymbolicVariable sigmoid () const
SymbolicVariable tanh () const
std::vector< SymbolicVariablechunk (int64_t chunks, int dim) const
SymbolicVariable type_as (const SymbolicVariable rhs) const
SymbolicVariable narrow (int dim, int64_t start, int64_t length) const
SymbolicVariable cos () const
SymbolicVariable cosh () const
SymbolicVariable exp () const
SymbolicVariable pow (at::Scalar other) const
SymbolicVariable rsqrt () const
SymbolicVariable sign () const
SymbolicVariable sin () const
SymbolicVariable sinh () const
SymbolicVariable sum () const
SymbolicVariable sum (int dim, bool keepdim) const
SymbolicVariable squeeze (Value *dim) const
SymbolicVariable squeeze (int dim) const
SymbolicVariable unsqueeze (Value *dim) const
SymbolicVariable unsqueeze (int dim) const
SymbolicVariable view (Value *sizes) const
SymbolicVariable view (std::vector< std::int64_t > sizes) const
SymbolicVariable reshape (Value *sizes) const
SymbolicVariable reshape (std::vector< std::int64_t > sizes) const
SymbolicVariable addmm (SymbolicVariable mat1, SymbolicVariable mat2) const
Valuevalue () const

Static Public Member Functions

static SymbolicVariable asNewInput (Graph &g, std::string name="")
static SymbolicVariable asNewInput (Graph &g, TypePtr type)
static std::vector< SymbolicVariablecreate (Symbol kind, ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs, int num_outputs=1, Node **created_node=nullptr, Graph *g=nullptr)
static bool isConstInt (at::Scalar s, int32_t i)
static SymbolicVariable cat (ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs, Value *dim)
static SymbolicVariable cat (ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs, int dim)
static SymbolicVariable stack (ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs, Value *dim)
static SymbolicVariable stack (ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs, int dim)
static std::vector< SymbolicVariablebroadcast_tensors (ArrayRef< SymbolicVariable > inputs)
static SymbolicVariable zeros_like (const SymbolicVariable input)

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