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torch::jit::script::ParserImpl Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 ParserImpl (const std::string &str)
Ident parseIdent ()
TreeRef createApply (const Expr &expr)
Expr parseExpOrExpTuple ()
TreeRef parseBaseExp ()
TreeRef parseAssignmentOp ()
TreeRef parseTrinary (TreeRef true_branch, const SourceRange &range, int binary_prec)
Expr parseExp ()
Expr parseExp (int precedence)
void parseSequence (int begin, int sep, int end, const std::function< void()> &parse)
template<typename T >
List< TparseList (int begin, int sep, int end, T(ParserImpl::*parse)())
Const parseConst ()
StringLiteral parseConcatenatedStringLiterals ()
Expr parseAttributeValue ()
void parseOperatorArguments (TreeList &inputs, TreeList &attributes)
Expr parseSubscriptExp ()
TreeRef parseSubscript (const TreeRef &value)
TreeRef parseParam (bool kwarg_only)
Param parseBareTypeAnnotation ()
Decl parseTypeComment ()
TreeRef parseAssign (const Expr &lhs)
TreeRef parseStmt ()
TreeRef parseOptionalIdentList ()
TreeRef parseIf (bool expect_if=true)
TreeRef parseWhile ()
TreeRef parseFor ()
TreeRef parseStatements (bool expect_indent=true)
Maybe< ExprparseReturnAnnotation ()
List< ParamparseParams ()
Decl parseDecl ()
TreeRef parseClass ()
TreeRef parseFunction (bool is_method)
Lexerlexer ()

Static Public Member Functions

static bool followsTuple (int kind)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

TreeRef torch::jit::script::ParserImpl::parseBaseExp ( )

here we have the empty tuple case

Definition at line 102 of file parser.cpp.

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