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torch::jit::script::SchemaParser Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 SchemaParser (const std::string &str)
FunctionSchema parseDeclaration ()
std::vector< FunctionSchemaparseDeclarations ()
TreeRef parseIdent ()
Argument parseArgument (size_t idx, bool is_return, bool kwarg_only)
IValue parseSingleConstant (TypeKind kind)
IValue convertToList (TypeKind kind, const SourceRange &range, std::vector< IValue > vs)
IValue parseConstantList (TypeKind kind)
IValue parseTensorDefault (const SourceRange &range)
IValue parseDefaultValue (const TypePtr &arg_type, c10::optional< int32_t > arg_N)
void parseList (int begin, int sep, int end, const std::function< void()> &callback)

Data Fields

Lexer L
SchemaTypeParser type_parser

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