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caffe2.python.cnn.CNNModelHelper Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, order="NCHW", name=None, use_cudnn=True, cudnn_exhaustive_search=False, ws_nbytes_limit=None, init_params=True, skip_sparse_optim=False, param_model=None)
def ImageInput (self, blob_in, blob_out, use_gpu_transform=False, kwargs)
def VideoInput (self, blob_in, blob_out, kwargs)
def PadImage (self, blob_in, blob_out, kwargs)
def ConvNd (self, args, kwargs)
def Conv (self, args, kwargs)
def ConvTranspose (self, args, kwargs)
def GroupConv (self, args, kwargs)
def GroupConv_Deprecated (self, args, kwargs)
def FC (self, args, kwargs)
def PackedFC (self, args, kwargs)
def FC_Prune (self, args, kwargs)
def FC_Decomp (self, args, kwargs)
def FC_Sparse (self, args, kwargs)
def Dropout (self, args, kwargs)
def LRN (self, args, kwargs)
def Softmax (self, args, kwargs)
def SpatialBN (self, args, kwargs)
def SpatialGN (self, args, kwargs)
def InstanceNorm (self, args, kwargs)
def Relu (self, args, kwargs)
def PRelu (self, args, kwargs)
def Concat (self, args, kwargs)
def DepthConcat (self, args, kwargs)
def Sum (self, args, kwargs)
def Transpose (self, args, kwargs)
def Iter (self, args, kwargs)
def Accuracy (self, args, kwargs)
def MaxPool (self, args, kwargs)
def MaxPoolWithIndex (self, args, kwargs)
def AveragePool (self, args, kwargs)
def XavierInit (self)
def ConstantInit (self, value)
def MSRAInit (self)
def ZeroInit (self)
def AddWeightDecay (self, weight_decay)
def CPU (self)
def GPU (self, gpu_id=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2.python.model_helper.ModelHelper
def __init__ (self, name=None, init_params=True, allow_not_known_ops=True, skip_sparse_optim=False, param_model=None, arg_scope=None)
def arg_scope (self)
def get_name (self)
def create_param (self, param_name, shape, initializer, tags=None)
def get_param_info (self, param)
def add_param_DEPRECATED (self, param, key=None, shape=None, length=None)
def AddParameter (self, param, tags=None)
def GetParams (self, namescope=None, top_scope=False)
def Proto (self)
def InitProto (self)
def RunAllOnGPU (self, args, kwargs)
def CreateDB (self, blob_out, db, db_type, kwargs)
def AddGradientOperators (self, args, kwargs)
def get_param_to_grad (self, params)
def GetOptimizationParamInfo (self, params=None)
def Validate (self)
def GetComputedParams (self, namescope=None)
def GetAllParams (self, namescope=None)
def TensorProtosDBInput (self, unused_blob_in, blob_out, batch_size, db, db_type, kwargs)
def GetDevices (self)
def __getattr__ (self, op_type)
def __dir__ (self)
def GetCompleteNet (self)
def ConstructInitTrainNetfromNet (self, net)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from caffe2.python.model_helper.ModelHelper

Detailed Description

A helper model so we can write CNN models more easily, without having to
manually define parameter initializations and operators separately.

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.cnn.CNNModelHelper.DepthConcat (   self,
The old depth concat function - we should move to use concat.

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