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caffe2.python.core.ExecutionStep Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name, nets=None, num_iter=None)
def get_net (self, name)
def Name (self)
def __str__ (self)
def Proto (self)
def HasNets (self)
def HasSubsteps (self)
def Nets (self)
def Substeps (self)
def SetIter (self, num_iter)
def SetCreateWorkspace (self, create_workspace)
def SetNumConcurrentInstances (self, num_concurrent_instances)
def SetOnlyOnce (self, only_once)
def SetShouldStopBlob (self, should_stop_blob)
def RunEveryMillis (self, interval)
def SetReportNet (self, report_net, report_interval)
def AddSubstep (self, substep)
def SetConcurrentSubsteps (self, concurrent_substeps)
def AddNet (self, net)
def get_all_attributes (self, name)
def create_from_proto (cls, step_proto, net_obj_dict, net_proto_dict)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.core.ExecutionStep.create_from_proto (   cls,
Create ExecutionStep from ExecutionStep protobuf recursively

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def caffe2.python.core.ExecutionStep.get_all_attributes (   self,
Return the list of all attributes under the given `name`, present in
all of the nets used in this execution step and its children.

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def caffe2.python.core.ExecutionStep.RunEveryMillis (   self,
Run this step every interval millisecods, as long as its
siblings are still running. It is guaranteed that, after all
siblings finish, this step will run at least one.

This property is ignored for top-level ExecutionSteps.

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def caffe2.python.core.ExecutionStep.SetReportNet (   self,
DEPRECATED. Use RunEveryMillis instead. 

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