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caffe2.python.core.GradientRegistry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def RegisterGradient (cls, op_type)
def GetGradientForOp (cls, op, g_output)
def GetBackwardPass (cls, operators, ys, ys_generate_gradient=False)

Static Public Attributes

dictionary gradient_registry_ = {}

Detailed Description

GradientRegistry holds the mapping from operators to their gradients.

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.core.GradientRegistry.GetBackwardPass (   cls,
  ys_generate_gradient = False 
Gets the backward pass for the list of operators.

    operators: a list of operators constituting the forward pass.
    ys: a list or a dictionary specifying what blobs we want to compute
derivatives of. If the input is a list, we will automatically
generate their gradients with all-one values; if the input is a
dictionary, for any dictionary entries that are not None, we'll
take the corresponding blobs as their gradients; for all those
that are None, we will auto-fill them with 1.
    gradient_ops: a list of gradient operators to run.
    all_input_to_grads: a map from input to their corresponding

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def caffe2.python.core.GradientRegistry.RegisterGradient (   cls,
A decorator for registering gradient mappings.

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