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caffe2.python.dataio.Writer Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for caffe2.python.dataio.Writer:
caffe2.python.dataset._DatasetWriter caffe2.python.queue_util._QueueWriter caffe2.python.record_queue._QueueWriter

Public Member Functions

def schema (self)
def write (self, writer_net, fields)
def write_record (self, writer_net, fields)
def setup_ex (self, init_net, finish_net)
def write_ex (self, fields, local_init_net, local_finish_net, stop_blob)
def write_record_ex (self, fields, local_init_net, local_finish_net, stop_blob=None)
def commit (self, finish_net)

Detailed Description

Writer is an abstract class to be implemented in order to provide
operations capable of feeding a data stream or a dataset.

A Writer must implement 2 operations:
`write`, which adds operations to a net that write the write batch of
data, and `commit`, which adds operations to a net in order to indicate
that no more data will be written.

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.dataio.Writer.commit (   self,
Add operations to `finish_net` that signal end of data.

This must be implemented by all Writers, but may be no-op for some
of them.

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def caffe2.python.dataio.Writer.setup_ex (   self,
Experimental, don't use yet

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def caffe2.python.dataio.Writer.write (   self,
Add operations to `writer_net` that write the next batch of data.

Operations added to the net must be thread-safe and unique, that is:
multiple writers must be able to write to the dataset in parallel.

    fields: a tuple of BlobReference containing the batch of data to

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def caffe2.python.dataio.Writer.write_ex (   self,
Experimental extension to the interface. Don't use yet

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def caffe2.python.dataio.Writer.write_record_ex (   self,
  stop_blob = None 
Experimental extension to the interface. Don't use yet.

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