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caffe2.python.layers.concat.Concat Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, model, input_record, axis=1, add_axis=0, name='concat', kwargs)
def add_ops (self, net)

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Detailed Description

Construct Concat layer
Assume that first dimension is batch,


    embedding_dim = 64
    input_record = self.new_record(schema.Struct(
        ('input1', schema.Scalar((np.float32, (embedding_dim, )))),
        ('input2', schema.Scalar((np.float32, (embedding_dim, )))),
        ('input3', schema.Scalar((np.float32, (embedding_dim, )))),

    output = self.model.Concat(input_record)
        schema.Scalar((np.float32, ((len(input_record.fields) * embedding_dim, )))),

    # Note that in Concat layer we assume first dimension is batch.
    # so input is B * embedding_dim
    # add_axis=1 make it B * 1 * embedding_dim
    # Concat on axis=1 make it B * N * embedding_dim

    output = self.model.Concat(input_record, axis=1, add_axis=1)
        schema.Scalar((np.float32, ((len(input_record.fields), embedding_dim)))),

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