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caffe2.python.layers.tags.Tags Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, tags)
def __enter__ (self)
def __exit__ (self, type, value, traceback)
def __call__ (self, func)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

string EXCLUDE_FROM_TRAIN = 'exclude_from_train'
string EXCLUDE_FROM_EVAL = 'exclude_from_eval'
string EXCLUDE_FROM_PREDICTION = 'exclude_from_prediction'
string EXCLUDE_FROM_ACCUMULATE_PRED = 'exclude_from_accumulate_pred'
string PREPROCESSING = 'preprocessing'
string HANDLE_AS_SPARSE_LAYER = 'handle_as_sparse_layer'
string PREFER_GPU = 'prefer_gpu'
string CPU_ONLY = 'cpu_only'
string SPARSE_SHARDED = 'sparse_sharded'
string SPARSE_DONT_SHARD = 'sparse_dont_shard'
string COMPONENT = 'component:'
string EXTRA_INFO = 'extra_info:'
string EMPTY_TAG = 'empty_tag'
string PREDICTION_SCHEMA = 'prediction_schema'
string FEATURE_TRANSFORM = 'feature_transform'
string FEATURE_TRANSFORM_SCHEMA = 'feature_transform_schema'

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