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caffe2.python.modeling.compute_histogram_for_blobs.ComputeHistogramForBlobs Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for caffe2.python.modeling.compute_histogram_for_blobs.ComputeHistogramForBlobs:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, blobs, logging_frequency, num_buckets=30, lower_bound=0.0, upper_bound=1.0, accumulate=False)
def modify_net (self, net, init_net=None, grad_map=None, blob_to_device=None, modify_output_record=False)
def field_name_suffix (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2.python.modeling.net_modifier.NetModifier
def __init__ (self)
def modify_net (self, net, init_net=None, grad_map=None, blob_to_device=None)
def __call__ (self, net, init_net=None, grad_map=None, blob_to_device=None, modify_output_record=False)

Detailed Description

This class modifies the net passed in by adding ops to compute histogram for
certain blobs.

    blobs: list of blobs to compute histogram for
    logging_frequency: frequency for printing
    lower_bound: left boundary of histogram values
    upper_bound: right boundary of histogram values
    num_buckets: number of buckets to use in [lower_bound, upper_bound)
    accumulate: boolean to output accumulate or per-batch histogram

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