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caffe2.python.models.seq2seq.seq2seq_model_helper.Seq2SeqModelHelper Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for caffe2.python.models.seq2seq.seq2seq_model_helper.Seq2SeqModelHelper:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, init_params=True, kwargs)
def AddParam (self, name, init=None, init_value=None, trainable=True)
def GetNonTrainableParams (self, namescope=None)
def GetAllParams (self, namescope=None)
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def __init__ (self, name=None, init_params=True, allow_not_known_ops=True, skip_sparse_optim=False, param_model=None, arg_scope=None)
def arg_scope (self)
def get_name (self)
def create_param (self, param_name, shape, initializer, tags=None)
def get_param_info (self, param)
def add_param_DEPRECATED (self, param, key=None, shape=None, length=None)
def AddParameter (self, param, tags=None)
def GetParams (self, namescope=None, top_scope=False)
def Proto (self)
def InitProto (self)
def RunAllOnGPU (self, args, kwargs)
def CreateDB (self, blob_out, db, db_type, kwargs)
def AddGradientOperators (self, args, kwargs)
def get_param_to_grad (self, params)
def GetOptimizationParamInfo (self, params=None)
def Validate (self)
def GetComputedParams (self, namescope=None)
def GetAllParams (self, namescope=None)
def TensorProtosDBInput (self, unused_blob_in, blob_out, batch_size, db, db_type, kwargs)
def GetDevices (self)
def __getattr__ (self, op_type)
def __dir__ (self)
def GetCompleteNet (self)
def ConstructInitTrainNetfromNet (self, net)

Public Attributes

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.models.seq2seq.seq2seq_model_helper.Seq2SeqModelHelper.AddParam (   self,
  init = None,
  init_value = None,
  trainable = True 
Adds a parameter to the model's net and it's initializer if needed

    init: a tuple (<initialization_op_name>, <initialization_op_kwargs>)
    init_value: int, float or str. Can be used instead of `init` as a
simple constant initializer
    trainable: bool, whether to compute gradient for this param or not

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def caffe2.python.models.seq2seq.seq2seq_model_helper.Seq2SeqModelHelper.GetNonTrainableParams (   self,
  namescope = None 
Returns the params in current namescope

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