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caffe2.python.onnx.backend.Caffe2Backend Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def dummy_name (cls)
def run_node (cls, node, inputs, device='CPU', opset_version=_known_opset_version, outputs_info=None)
def prepare_zip_archive (cls, file, device='CPU', kwargs)
def prepare (cls, model, device='CPU', raw_values_dict=None, kwargs)
def onnx_graph_to_caffe2_net (cls, model, device="CPU", opset_version=_known_opset_version)
def supports_device (cls, device_str)
def is_compatible (cls, model, device='CPU', kwargs)

Static Public Member Functions

def optimize_onnx (input, init=False, predict=False)

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.onnx.backend.Caffe2Backend.prepare (   cls,
  device = 'CPU',
  raw_values_dict = None,
For Onnx Caffe2Backend, we require that init_graph don't initialize the actual input of the predict_graph,

for example, if "img" is the input blob for the predict_net, we require that in init_graph and in
initializer of the predict_graph, "img" is not initalized. We don't have a check for this, since
there is no way we can know which blob is the input of the predict_graph.

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