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caffe2.python.record_queue.RecordQueue Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, fields, name=None, capacity=1, enforce_unique_name=False, num_threads=1)
def build (self, reader, process=None)

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Detailed Description

The class is used to feed data with some process from a reader into a
    queue and provider a reader interface for data fetching from the queue.

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Member Function Documentation

def (   self,
  process = None 
Build the producer_step to feed data from reader into the queue, and
return the reader interface.
    reader:           read data which will be stored in the queue.
    process:          preprocess data before enqueue.
    reader:           reader to fetch the data from the queue.
    producer_step:    the step insert the data into the queue. Should be
              run with comsume_step together.
    exit_step:        the step to close queue
    schema:           the schema for the reader.

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