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test_autograd.TestAutograd Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def test_function (self)
def test_once_differentiable (self)
def test_function_returns_input (self)
def test_legacy_function_none_grad (self)
def test_invalid_gradients (self)
def test_accumulate_grad (self)
def test_slogdet_sign (self)
def test_sum_to_with_empty_dim_grad (self)
def test_hessian_vector (self)
def test_grad (self)
def test_grad_nonleaf (self)
def test_grad_nonleaf_many_outputs (self)
def test_grad_nonleaf_register_hook (self)
def test_sharded_grad (self)
def test_backward_badcalls (self)
def test_grad_badcalls (self)
def test_grad_fn_badcalls (self)
def test_grad_unreachable (self)
def test_hooks (self)
def test_hooks_cpp (self)
def test_hook_none (self)
def test_retain_grad (self)
def test_retain_grad_cycle (self)
def test_backward (self)
def test_sparse_backward (self)
def test_sparse_mm_backward (self)
def test_sparse_ctor_getter_backward (self)
def test_multi_backward (self)
def test_multi_backward_no_grad (self)
def test_dependent_backward (self)
def test_save_output_nr (self)
def test_free_deep_graph (self)
def test_free_deep_graph_complicated (self)
def test_free_deep_graph_pyfunction (self)
def test_free_unneeded_tensor (self)
def test_no_unnecessary_save (self)
def test_no_grad (self)
def test_no_grad_python_function (self)
def test_indexing (self)
def test_indexing_duplicates (self)
def test_volatile_deprecated (self)
def test_saved_variables_deprecated (self)
def test_requires_grad (self)
def test_requires_grad_ (self)
def test_requires_grad_inplace (self)
def test_no_requires_grad_inplace (self)
def test_requires_grad_factory (self)
def test_attribute_deletion (self)
def test_grad_assignment (self)
def test_duplicate_backward_root (self)
def test_backward_no_grad (self)
def test_next_functions (self)
def test_inplace (self)
def test_mark_non_differentiable (self)
def test_mark_non_differentiable_mixed (self)
def test_mark_non_differentiable_none (self)
def test_return_duplicate (self)
def test_return_duplicate_inplace (self)
def test_resize (self)
def test_setitem (self)
def test_setitem_mask (self)
def test_select_sum (self)
def test_stack (self)
def test_unbind (self)
def test_put (self)
def test_put_accumulate (self)
def test_fill (self)
def test_unused_output (self)
def test_ctc_loss (self)
def test_sparse_gather_dim0 (self)
def test_sparse_gather_dim1 (self)
def test_sparse_gather_dim_neg (self)
def test_sparse_gather_ind_scalar (self)
def test_sparse_gather_x_scalar (self)
def test_sparse_gather_both_scalar (self)
def test_gc_in_destructor (self)
def test_unused_output_gpu (self)
def test_backward_device (self)
def test_inputbuffer_add_multigpu (self)
def test_detach (self)
def test_detach_base (self)
def test_type_conversions (self)
def test_pyscalar_conversions (self)
def test_pin_memory (self)
def test_isolated_node (self)
def test_shape (self)
def test_numpy_requires_grad (self)
def test_return_leaf (self)
def test_return_leaf_inplace (self)
def test_leaf_assignment (self)
def test_no_grad_assignment (self)
def test_no_grad_modifies_version (self)
def test_no_grad_input (self)
def test_backward_copy (self)
def test_save_none_for_backward (self)
def test_too_many_grads (self)
def test_pickle (self)
def test_dep_nograd (self)
def test_set_grad_enabled (self)
def test_reentrant (self)
def test_broadcast_tensors (self)
def test_cat (self)
def test_cat_negdim_1 (self)
def test_cat_negdim_2 (self)
def test_cat_empty_legacy (self)
def test_cat_empty (self)
def test_cdist (self)
def test_cholesky (self)
def test_trtrs (self)
def test_fft_ifft_rfft_irfft (self)
def test_variable_traverse (self)
def test_norm_subgradient (self)
def test_pow_zero_tensor_gradient (self)
def test_pow_scalar_base (self)
def test_pdist_large (self)
def test_pinverse (self)
def test_chain_matmul (self)
def test_profiler (self)
def test_dir (self)
def test_as_strided (self)
def test_where_functional (self)
def test_where_functional_cuda (self)
def test_lerp_tensor_weights (self)
def test_reduce_dtype (self)
def test_inplace_view_backprop_base (self)
def test_inplace_view_backprop_view_of_view (self)
def test_inplace_view_of_view (self)
def test_inplace_view_gradcheck (self)
def test_inplace_view_makes_base_require_grad (self)
def test_inplace_view_backprop_view (self)
def test_inplace_view_modify_base (self)
def test_inplace_view_python (self)
def test_inplace_view_non_contig (self)
def test_inplace_view_saved_output (self)
def test_mul_out (self)
def test_mul_out_result_requires_grad (self)
def test_diagonal_derivative_requires_grad (self)
def test_set_requires_grad_only_for_floats_cuda (self)
def test_set_requires_grad_only_for_floats (self)
def test_rnn_backward_to_input_but_not_parameters_cuda (self)
def test_lstmcell_backward_only_one_output_grad (self)
def test_anomaly_detect_nan (self)
def test_symeig_no_eigenvectors (self)
def test_svd_no_singularvectors (self)
def test_no_grad_copy (self)
def test_gradcheck_single_input (self)
def test_gradcheck_sparse_input (self)
def test_multi_device_reentrant_autograd (self)

Public Attributes


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Member Function Documentation

def test_autograd.TestAutograd.test_gc_in_destructor (   self)
Previously, if a Function destructor triggered a garbage collection,
the Variable's tp_dealloc handler would get called twice leading to a

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def test_autograd.TestAutograd.test_no_grad_python_function (   self)
Python Functions should respect grad mode.

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