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test_c10d.ProcessGroupGlooTest Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for test_c10d.ProcessGroupGlooTest:
test_c10d.MultiProcessTestCase common_utils.TestCase expecttest.TestCase

Public Member Functions

def opts (self, threads=2)
def test_broadcast_checks (self)
def test_broadcast_basics (self)
def test_broadcast_basics_cuda (self)
def test_broadcast_stress (self)
def test_broadcast_stress_cuda (self)
def test_allreduce_checks (self)
def test_allreduce_basics (self)
def test_allreduce_basics_cuda (self)
def test_allreduce_stress (self)
def test_allreduce_stress_cuda (self)
def test_scatter_checks (self)
def test_scatter_basics (self)
def test_scatter_basics_cuda (self)
def test_scatter_stress (self)
def test_scatter_stress_cuda (self)
def test_gather_checks (self)
def test_gather_basics (self)
def test_gather_basics_cuda (self)
def test_gather_stress (self)
def test_gather_stress_cuda (self)
def test_allgather_checks (self)
def test_allgather_basics (self)
def test_allgather_basics_cuda (self)
def test_allgather_stress (self)
def test_allgather_stress_cuda (self)
def test_reduce_checks (self)
def test_reduce_basics (self)
def test_reduce_basics_cuda (self)
def test_reduce_stress (self)
def test_reduce_stress_cuda (self)
def test_send_recv_all_to_all (self)
def test_timeout_kwarg (self)
def test_barrier_implies_wait (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from test_c10d.MultiProcessTestCase
def world_size (self)
def setUpClass (cls)
def setUp (self)
def tearDown (self)
def is_master (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from common_utils.TestCase
def __init__ (self, method_name='runTest')
def assertLeaksNoCudaTensors (self, name=None)
def wrap_with_cuda_memory_check (self, method)
def setUp (self)
def assertTensorsSlowEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def genSparseTensor (self, size, sparse_dim, nnz, is_uncoalesced, device='cpu')
def safeToDense (self, t)
def safeCoalesce (self, t)
def assertEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='', allow_inf=False)
def assertAlmostEqual (self, x, y, places=None, msg=None, delta=None, allow_inf=None)
def assertNotEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def assertObjectIn (self, obj, iterable)
def assertExpectedRaises (self, exc_type, callable, args, kwargs)
def assertWarns (self, callable, msg='')
def assertWarnsRegex (self, callable, regex, msg='')
def assertExpected (self, s, subname=None)
- Public Member Functions inherited from expecttest.TestCase
def assertExpectedInline (self, actual, expect, skip=0)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from test_c10d.MultiProcessTestCase

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from test_c10d.MultiProcessTestCase
def join_or_run (fn)
- Static Public Attributes inherited from test_c10d.MultiProcessTestCase
- Static Public Attributes inherited from common_utils.TestCase
int precision = 1
 maxDiff = None
 assertRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRegexpMatches
 assertRaisesRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRaisesRegexp
- Static Public Attributes inherited from expecttest.TestCase
bool longMessage = True

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