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test_dataloader.TestDataLoader Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def setUp (self)
def test_invalid_assign_after_init (self)
def test_sequential (self)
def test_sequential_batch (self)
def test_growing_dataset (self)
def test_sequential_pin_memory (self)
def test_multiple_dataloaders (self)
def test_segfault (self)
def test_timeout (self)
def test_worker_seed (self)
def test_worker_init_fn (self)
def test_shuffle (self)
def test_shuffle_batch (self)
def test_sequential_workers (self)
def test_seqential_batch_workers (self)
def test_shuffle_workers (self)
def test_shuffle_batch_workers (self)
def test_RandomSampler (self)
def test_random_sampler_len_with_replacement (self)
def test_duplicating_data_with_drop_last (self)
def test_batch_sampler (self)
def test_shuffle_pin_memory (self)
def test_numpy (self)
def test_error (self)
def test_error_workers (self)
def test_partial_workers (self)
def test_proper_exit (self)
def test_len (self)
def test_numpy_scalars (self)
def test_default_collate_dtype (self)
def test_default_collate_bad_numpy_types (self)
def test_default_collate_shared_tensor (self)

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