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test_distributions.TestDistributions Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for test_distributions.TestDistributions:
common_utils.TestCase expecttest.TestCase

Public Member Functions

def test_repr (self)
def test_sample_detached (self)
def test_rsample_requires_grad (self)
def test_enumerate_support_type (self)
def test_lazy_property_grad (self)
def test_has_examples (self)
def test_distribution_expand (self)
def test_distribution_subclass_expand (self)
def test_bernoulli (self)
def test_bernoulli_enumerate_support (self)
def test_bernoulli_3d (self)
def test_geometric (self)
def test_geometric_log_prob_and_entropy (self)
def test_geometric_sample (self)
def test_binomial (self)
def test_binomial_log_prob (self)
def test_binomial_log_prob_vectorized_count (self)
def test_binomial_enumerate_support (self)
def test_binomial_extreme_vals (self)
def test_binomial_vectorized_count (self)
def test_negative_binomial (self)
def test_negative_binomial_log_prob (self)
def test_negative_binomial_log_prob_vectorized_count (self)
def test_multinomial_1d (self)
def test_multinomial_1d_log_prob (self)
def test_multinomial_2d (self)
def test_categorical_1d (self)
def test_categorical_2d (self)
def test_categorical_enumerate_support (self)
def test_one_hot_categorical_1d (self)
def test_one_hot_categorical_2d (self)
def test_one_hot_categorical_enumerate_support (self)
def test_poisson_shape (self)
def test_poisson_log_prob (self)
def test_poisson_sample (self)
def test_poisson_gpu_sample (self)
def test_relaxed_bernoulli (self)
def test_rounded_relaxed_bernoulli (self)
def test_relaxed_one_hot_categorical_1d (self)
def test_relaxed_one_hot_categorical_2d (self)
def test_argmax_relaxed_categorical (self)
def test_uniform (self)
def test_cauchy (self)
def test_halfcauchy (self)
def test_halfnormal (self)
def test_halfnormal_logprob (self)
def test_halfnormal_sample (self)
def test_lognormal (self)
def test_lognormal_logprob (self)
def test_lognormal_sample (self)
def test_logisticnormal (self)
def test_logisticnormal_logprob (self)
def test_logisticnormal_sample (self)
def test_normal (self)
def test_normal_sample (self)
def test_lowrank_multivariate_normal_shape (self)
def test_lowrank_multivariate_normal_log_prob (self)
def test_lowrank_multivariate_normal_sample (self)
def test_lowrank_multivariate_normal_properties (self)
def test_lowrank_multivariate_normal_moments (self)
def test_multivariate_normal_shape (self)
def test_multivariate_normal_log_prob (self)
def test_multivariate_normal_sample (self)
def test_multivariate_normal_properties (self)
def test_multivariate_normal_moments (self)
def test_exponential (self)
def test_exponential_sample (self)
def test_laplace (self)
def test_laplace_sample (self)
def test_gamma_shape (self)
def test_gamma_gpu_shape (self)
def test_gamma_sample (self)
def test_gamma_gpu_sample (self)
def test_pareto (self)
def test_pareto_sample (self)
def test_gumbel (self)
def test_gumbel_sample (self)
def test_fishersnedecor (self)
def test_fishersnedecor_sample (self)
def test_chi2_shape (self)
def test_chi2_sample (self)
def test_studentT (self)
def test_studentT_sample (self)
def test_studentT_log_prob (self)
def test_dirichlet_shape (self)
def test_dirichlet_log_prob (self)
def test_dirichlet_sample (self)
def test_beta_shape (self)
def test_beta_log_prob (self)
def test_beta_sample (self)
def test_beta_underflow (self)
def test_beta_underflow_gpu (self)
def test_independent_shape (self)
def test_independent_expand (self)
def test_cdf_icdf_inverse (self)
def test_cdf_log_prob (self)
def test_valid_parameter_broadcasting (self)
def test_invalid_parameter_broadcasting (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from common_utils.TestCase
def __init__ (self, method_name='runTest')
def assertLeaksNoCudaTensors (self, name=None)
def wrap_with_cuda_memory_check (self, method)
def setUp (self)
def assertTensorsSlowEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def genSparseTensor (self, size, sparse_dim, nnz, is_uncoalesced, device='cpu')
def safeToDense (self, t)
def safeCoalesce (self, t)
def assertEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='', allow_inf=False)
def assertAlmostEqual (self, x, y, places=None, msg=None, delta=None, allow_inf=None)
def assertNotEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def assertObjectIn (self, obj, iterable)
def assertExpectedRaises (self, exc_type, callable, args, kwargs)
def assertWarns (self, callable, msg='')
def assertWarnsRegex (self, callable, regex, msg='')
def assertExpected (self, s, subname=None)
- Public Member Functions inherited from expecttest.TestCase
def assertExpectedInline (self, actual, expect, skip=0)

Public Attributes


Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from common_utils.TestCase
int precision = 1
 maxDiff = None
 assertRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRegexpMatches
 assertRaisesRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRaisesRegexp
- Static Public Attributes inherited from expecttest.TestCase
bool longMessage = True

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