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test_pytorch_onnx_caffe2.TestCaffe2Backend Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for test_pytorch_onnx_caffe2.TestCaffe2Backend:

Public Member Functions

def setUp (self)
def convert_cuda (self, model, input)
def run_debug_test (self, model, train, batch_size, state_dict=None, input=None, use_gpu=True, example_outputs=None)
def run_actual_test (self, model, train, batch_size, state_dict=None, input=None, use_gpu=True, rtol=0.001, atol=1e-7, example_outputs=None)
def run_model_test (self, model, train, batch_size, state_dict=None, input=None, use_gpu=True, rtol=0.001, atol=1e-7, example_outputs=None)
def test_linear (self)
def test_lstm_cell (self)
def test_gru_cell (self)
def test_rnn_init_predict_split (self)
def test_alexnet (self)
def test_dcgan (self)
def test_densenet (self)
def test_inception (self)
def test_resnet (self)
def test_squeezenet (self)
def test_srresnet (self)
def test_super_resolution (self)
def test_vgg16 (self)
def test_vgg16_bn (self)
def test_vgg19 (self)
def test_vgg19_bn (self)
def run_word_language_model (self, model_name)
def test_word_language_model_RNN_TANH (self)
def test_word_language_model_RNN_RELU (self)
def test_word_language_model_LSTM (self)
def test_word_language_model_GRU (self)
def test_batchnorm1d_special (self)
def test_batchnorm2d_noaffine (self)
def test_constant (self)
def test_consumed_bn (self)
def test_index_1d (self)
def test_index_2d_1dimslice (self)
def test_index_2d_sliceint (self)
def test_index_2d_neg_slice (self)
def test_chunk (self)
def test_sqrt (self)
def test_log (self)
def test_erf (self)
def test_trigonometry (self)
def test_addconstant (self)
def test_subconstant (self)
def test_embedding (self)
def test_constantpad2d (self)
def test_reflectionpad2d (self)
def test_replicationpad2d (self)
def test_maxpool2d (self)
def test_maxpool2d_single_padding (self)
def test_maxpool1d_ceil (self)
def test_maxpool2d_ceil (self)
def test_maxpool3d_ceil (self)
def test_avgpool2d (self)
def test_avgpool2d_with_count_include_pad_set_false (self)
def test_avgpool2d_with_count_include_pad_set_true (self)
def test_avgpool2d_no_padding (self)
def test_avg_pool1D_ceil (self)
def test_avg_pool2D_ceil (self)
def test_avg_pool3D_ceil (self)
def test_adaptive_avg_pool1D (self)
def test_adaptive_avg_pool2D (self)
def test_adaptive_avg_pool3D (self)
def test_adaptive_max_pool1D (self)
def test_adaptive_max_pool2D (self)
def test_adaptive_max_pool3D (self)
def test_weight_norm (self)
def test_mnist (self)
def test_mm (self)
def test_addmm (self)
def test_consecutive_transposes (self)
def test_sum (self)
def test_cumsum (self)
def test_layer_norm (self)
def test_repeat (self)
def test_upsample (self)
def test_repeat_dim_overflow (self)
def test_repeat_dynamic (self)
def test_mean (self)
def test_softmax (self)
def test_logsoftmax (self)
def test_randn (self)
def test_convtranspose (self)
def test_unsqueeze (self)
def test_instance_norm (self)
def test_pixel_shuffle (self)
def test_dynamic_sizes (self)
def test_advanced_broadcast (self)
def test_int8_export (self)
def test_neg_slice (self)
def test_neg_slice_large (self)
def test_neg_slice_large_negone (self)
def test_dynamic_slice (self)
def test_dynamic_slice_to_the_end (self)
def test_tensor_factories (self)
def test_where_functional (self)
def test_where_method (self)
def test_data_dependent_zeros_factory (self)
def test_implicit_expand (self)
def test_reduce_sum (self)
def test_group_norm (self)
def test_rsub (self)
def test_isnan (self)
def test_flatten (self)
def test_flatten2D (self)
def test_argmax (self)
def test_argmin (self)
def test_reshape (self)
def test_reshape_as (self)
def test_narrow (self)

Public Attributes


Static Public Attributes

bool embed_params = False

Detailed Description

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Member Function Documentation

def test_pytorch_onnx_caffe2.TestCaffe2Backend.run_actual_test (   self,
  state_dict = None,
  input = None,
  use_gpu = True,
  rtol = 0.001,
  atol = 1e-7,
  example_outputs = None 
This is what the user facing version will look like

Definition at line 158 of file

def test_pytorch_onnx_caffe2.TestCaffe2Backend.run_debug_test (   self,
  state_dict = None,
  input = None,
  use_gpu = True,
  example_outputs = None 
# TODO: remove this from the final release version
This test is for our debugging only for the case where

Definition at line 130 of file

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