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test_thd_distributed._DistTestBase Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for test_thd_distributed._DistTestBase:
test_thd_distributed.TestDistBackend test_thd_distributed.TestMPI

Public Member Functions

def test_get_rank (self)
def test_send_recv (self)
def test_send_recv_any_source (self)
def test_isend (self)
def test_irecv (self)
def test_broadcast (self)
def test_broadcast_cuda (self)
def test_broadcast_group (self)
def test_reduce_sum (self)
def test_reduce_sum_cuda (self)
def test_reduce_product (self)
def test_reduce_min (self)
def test_reduce_max (self)
def test_reduce_group_sum (self)
def test_reduce_group_product (self)
def test_reduce_group_min (self)
def test_reduce_group_max (self)
def test_all_reduce_sum (self)
def test_all_reduce_sum_cuda (self)
def test_all_reduce_product (self)
def test_all_reduce_min (self)
def test_all_reduce_max (self)
def test_all_reduce_group_sum (self)
def test_all_reduce_group_product (self)
def test_all_reduce_group_min (self)
def test_all_reduce_group_max (self)
def test_scatter (self)
def test_scatter_group (self)
def test_gather (self)
def test_gather_group (self)
def test_all_gather (self)
def test_all_gather_cuda (self)
def test_all_gather_group (self)
def test_barrier (self)
def test_barrier_group (self)
def test_broadcast_multigpu (self)
def test_all_reduce_multigpu (self)
def test_reduce_multigpu (self)
def test_all_gather_multigpu (self)
def test_DistributedDataParallel (self)
def test_DistributedDataParallelCPU (self)

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