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tools.cwrap.cwrap.cwrap Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, source, destination=None, plugins=None, default_plugins=True, template_path=None)
def wrap_declarations (self, declarations)
def parse_arguments (self, args)
def search_plugins (self, fnname, args, fallback)
def get_type_check (self, arg, option)
def get_type_unpack (self, arg, option)
def get_return_wrapper (self, option)
def get_wrapper_template (self, declaration)
def get_assign_args (self, arguments)
def get_arg_accessor (self, arg, option)
def generate_wrapper (self, declaration)
def map_selected_arguments (self, base_fn_name, plugin_fn_name, option, arguments)
def build_option_args (self, arguments, arg_unpack)
def indent_code (self, code)
def generate_option (self, option, is_first)

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Member Function Documentation

def tools.cwrap.cwrap.cwrap.search_plugins (   self,
Search plugins for the given function to call with args.

If not found, call fallback with args.

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