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torch.autograd.profiler.EventList Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def __str__ (self)
def table (self, sort_by=None)
def export_chrome_trace (self, path)
def key_averages (self)
def total_average (self)

Detailed Description

A list of Events (for pretty printing)

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Member Function Documentation

def torch.autograd.profiler.EventList.export_chrome_trace (   self,
Exports an EventList as a Chrome tracing tools file.

The checkpoint can be later loaded and inspected under ``chrome://tracing`` URL.

    path (str): Path where the trace will be written.

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def torch.autograd.profiler.EventList.key_averages (   self)
Averages all function events over their keys.

    An EventList containing FunctionEventAvg objects.

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def torch.autograd.profiler.EventList.table (   self,
  sort_by = None 
Prints an EventList as a nicely formatted table.

    sort_by (str, optional): Attribute used to sort entries. By default
they are printed in the same order as they were registered.
Valid keys include: ``cpu_time``, ``cuda_time``, ``cpu_time_total``,
``cuda_time_total``, ``count``.

    A string containing the table.

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def torch.autograd.profiler.EventList.total_average (   self)
Averages all events.

    A FunctionEventAvg object.

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