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torch.distributed.distributed_c10d.Backend Class Reference
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def __new__ (cls, name)

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Detailed Description

An enum-like class of available backends: GLOO, NCCL, and MPI.

The values of this class are lowercase strings, e.g., ``"gloo"``. They can
be accessed as attributes, e.g., ``Backend.NCCL``.

This class can be directly called to parse the string, e.g.,
``Backend(backend_str)`` will check if ``backend_str`` is valid, and
return the parsed lowercase string if so. It also accepts uppercase strings,
e.g., ``Backend("GLOO")`` returns ``"gloo"``.

.. note:: The entry ``Backend.UNDEFINED`` is present but only used as
          initial value of some fields. Users should neither use it directly
          nor assume its existence.

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