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torch.distributions.constraint_registry.ConstraintRegistry Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self)
def register (self, constraint, factory=None)
def __call__ (self, constraint)

Detailed Description

Registry to link constraints to transforms.

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Member Function Documentation

def torch.distributions.constraint_registry.ConstraintRegistry.__call__ (   self,
Looks up a transform to constrained space, given a constraint object.

    constraint = Normal.arg_constraints['scale']
    scale = transform_to(constraint)(torch.zeros(1))  # constrained
    u = transform_to(constraint).inv(scale)           # unconstrained

    constraint (:class:`~torch.distributions.constraints.Constraint`):
A constraint object.

    A :class:`~torch.distributions.transforms.Transform` object.

    `NotImplementedError` if no transform has been registered.

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def torch.distributions.constraint_registry.ConstraintRegistry.register (   self,
  factory = None 
Registers a :class:`~torch.distributions.constraints.Constraint`
subclass in this registry. Usage::

    def construct_transform(constraint):
assert isinstance(constraint, MyConstraint)
return MyTransform(constraint.arg_constraints)

    constraint (subclass of :class:`~torch.distributions.constraints.Constraint`):
A subclass of :class:`~torch.distributions.constraints.Constraint`, or
a singleton object of the desired class.
    factory (callable): A callable that inputs a constraint object and returns
a  :class:`~torch.distributions.transforms.Transform` object.

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