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torch.distributions.transforms._InverseTransform Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for torch.distributions.transforms._InverseTransform:

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, transform)
def domain (self)
def codomain (self)
def bijective (self)
def sign (self)
def event_dim (self)
def inv (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __call__ (self, x)
def log_abs_det_jacobian (self, x, y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from torch.distributions.transforms.Transform
def __init__ (self, cache_size=0)
def inv (self)
def sign (self)
def __eq__ (self, other)
def __ne__ (self, other)
def __call__ (self, x)
def log_abs_det_jacobian (self, x, y)
def __repr__ (self)

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from torch.distributions.transforms.Transform

Detailed Description

Inverts a single :class:`Transform`.
This class is private; please instead use the ``Transform.inv`` property.

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