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torch.nn._functions.thnn.sparse.EmbeddingBag Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for torch.nn._functions.thnn.sparse.EmbeddingBag:
torch.autograd.function.Function torch.autograd.function.FunctionMeta torch.autograd.function._ContextMethodMixin torch.autograd.function._HookMixin

Public Member Functions

def forward (cls, ctx, weight, indices, offsets, max_norm, norm_type, scale_grad_by_freq, mode)
- Public Member Functions inherited from torch.autograd.function.FunctionMeta
def __init__ (cls, name, bases, attrs)
- Public Member Functions inherited from torch.autograd.function._ContextMethodMixin
def save_for_backward (self, tensors)
def mark_dirty (self, args)
def mark_shared_storage (self, pairs)
def mark_non_differentiable (self, args)

Static Public Member Functions

def backward (ctx, grad_output)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from torch.autograd.function.Function
def forward (ctx, args, kwargs)
def backward (ctx, grad_outputs)

Additional Inherited Members

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- Static Public Attributes inherited from torch.autograd.function.Function

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