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torch.utils.cpp_extension.BuildExtension Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def with_options (cls, options)
def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def build_extensions (self)
def get_ext_filename (self, ext_name)

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Detailed Description

A custom :mod:`setuptools` build extension .

This :class:`setuptools.build_ext` subclass takes care of passing the
minimum required compiler flags (e.g. ``-std=c++11``) as well as mixed
C++/CUDA compilation (and support for CUDA files in general).

When using :class:`BuildExtension`, it is allowed to supply a dictionary
for ``extra_compile_args`` (rather than the usual list) that maps from
languages (``cxx`` or ``cuda``) to a list of additional compiler flags to
supply to the compiler. This makes it possible to supply different flags to
the C++ and CUDA compiler during mixed compilation.

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Member Function Documentation

def torch.utils.cpp_extension.BuildExtension.with_options (   cls,
Returns an alternative constructor that extends any original keyword
arguments to the original constructor with the given options.

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