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torch.utils.file_baton.FileBaton Class Reference

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, lock_file_path, wait_seconds=0.1)
def try_acquire (self)
def wait (self)
def release (self)

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Detailed Description

A primitive, file-based synchronization utility.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def torch.utils.file_baton.FileBaton.__init__ (   self,
  wait_seconds = 0.1 
Creates a new :class:`FileBaton`.

    lock_file_path: The path to the file used for locking.
    wait_seconds: The seconds to periorically sleep (spin) when
calling ``wait()``.

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Member Function Documentation

def torch.utils.file_baton.FileBaton.release (   self)
Releaes the baton and removes its file.

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def torch.utils.file_baton.FileBaton.try_acquire (   self)
Tries to atomically create a file under exclusive access.

    True if the file could be created, else False.

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def torch.utils.file_baton.FileBaton.wait (   self)
Periodically sleeps for a certain amount until the baton is released.

The amount of time slept depends on the ``wait_seconds`` parameter
passed to the constructor.

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