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at::Context Class Reference

Public Member Functions

TypeExtendedInterfacegetNonVariableTypeRaw (Backend p, ScalarType s)
TypeExtendedInterfacegetNonVariableTypeOpt (Backend p, ScalarType s)
TypeExtendedInterfacegetNonVariableType (Backend p, ScalarType s)
TypeExtendedInterfacegetVariableType (Backend p, ScalarType s)
TypeExtendedInterfacegetType (Backend p, ScalarType s, bool is_variable)
LegacyTHDispatchergetLegacyTHDispatcher (Backend p, ScalarType s)
void registerType (Backend b, ScalarType s, Type *t)
void registerLegacyTHDispatcher (Backend b, ScalarType s, LegacyTHDispatcher *t)
GeneratordefaultGenerator (DeviceType device_type)
bool hasOpenMP () const
bool hasMKL () const
bool hasLAPACK () const
bool hasMAGMA () const
bool hasCUDA () const
bool hasHIP () const
bool hasXLA () const
THCState * lazyInitCUDA ()
THHState * lazyInitHIP ()
void lazyInitComplex ()
THCState * getTHCState ()
THHState * getTHHState ()
size_t freshTypeID ()
bool setFlushDenormal (bool on)
bool userEnabledCuDNN () const
void setUserEnabledCuDNN (bool e)
bool benchmarkCuDNN () const
void setBenchmarkCuDNN (bool)
bool deterministicCuDNN () const
void setDeterministicCuDNN (bool)

Data Fields

std::unique_ptr< Generatorgenerator_registry [static_cast< int >(DeviceType::COMPILE_TIME_MAX_DEVICE_TYPES)]


struct Type

Detailed Description

Definition at line 27 of file Context.h.

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